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Arizona Cardinals Fifteen Straight T Shirt

I’ve tried to be an Arizona Cardinals fan since the franchise moved to Phoenix in 1988. As I told you earlier this week, I AM a big fan of Coudal Partners and their Chicago Bears Sixteen Straight T Shirt.

I offer this remix of their concept in honor of the latest Cardinals loss in which they have (in the words of Tony Kornheiser) snatched “defeat from the jaws of victory.” I actually think that FifteenStraight will last longer than SixteenStraight – after tonight I am convinced that the Bears will lose their first game before the Cardinals win again, even with the Raiders up next on the schedule.

Arizona Cardinals Fifteen Straight T Shirt

My shirt is also a better deal – as a service to you, the reader, I will not be printing any shirts so that you won’t be tempted to buy one. As an added bonus: the shirt design has this season’s only victory pre-marked and since we’re tracking losses instead of wins…no smelly Sharpie required! I also will not be printing little scorecards or cute buttons. But I will post a weekly update on the NFL’s sorriest franchise for the rest of the season.

By the way, can anyone else think of another business context in which habitual failure is rewarded by profitability?

Update: Find out how this post has contributed to our our web site inferiority complex.

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