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Arizona Cardinals Fifteen Straight T Shirt

I’ve tried to be an Arizona Cardinals fan since the franchise moved to Phoenix in 1988. As I told you earlier this week, I AM a big fan of Coudal Partners and their Chicago Bears Sixteen Straight T Shirt.

I offer this remix of their concept in honor of the latest Cardinals loss in which they have (in the words of Tony Kornheiser) snatched “defeat from the jaws of victory.” I actually think that FifteenStraight will last longer than SixteenStraight – after tonight I am convinced that the Bears will lose their first game before the Cardinals win again, even with the Raiders up next on the schedule.

Arizona Cardinals Fifteen Straight T Shirt

My shirt is also a better deal – as a service to you, the reader, I will not be printing any shirts so that you won’t be tempted to buy one. As an added bonus: the shirt design has this season’s only victory pre-marked and since we’re tracking losses instead of wins…no smelly Sharpie required! I also will not be printing little scorecards or cute buttons. But I will post a weekly update on the NFL’s sorriest franchise for the rest of the season.

By the way, can anyone else think of another business context in which habitual failure is rewarded by profitability?

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This was easily the worst loss in Cardinal’s history. I seriously can’t handle supporting this team anymore. They break in their new stadium three straight heartbreakers. You almost have to expect crap like this as a Cardinal fan.

Love it! Sorry that my Bears had to do that to your Cards, though.

But Lienart’s going to be a star one day soon, so they’ll have their chance to compete in not too long…

Jeremy Zeiders:

Thanks Benjy. The truth about Lienart is that he will be a star, but not with the Cardinals. They’ll sell him off so that they can protect their profits while he labors toward obtaining a winning record by his 10th season in the league (see Jay Novacek, Simeon Rice, Jake Plummer, etc, etc).


With regard to, “By the way, can anyone else think of another business context in which habitual failure is rewarded by profitability?”

Baseball routinely rewards failure. Hitters, even the best, fail 3 out of 5 times they come to the plate.

“By the way, can anyone else think of another business context in which habitual failure is rewarded by profitability?”

Well, baseball. Specifically the Pittsburgh Pirates, who turn a healthy profit.

As a former season ticket holder (from 1988 to 1990) I have learned a few things about the Cardinals that about everyone knows…but few seem to be able to sum up. First…the problem isn’t and never will be the “team”. The team being the players on the field. That is why so many of us find ourselves in limbo about firmly supporting this team. I sat at the 47 yard line 14 rows off the field last night and watched several things go bad. It started with the boos for Mr. Bidwill during Dan Deirdorf’s speech. Dan asked how the fans could boo being ahead 20 to 0….I hope he stuck around to better understand why the boos. The problem has always been money. Yes money, you see… Bill Biwill and his family are extreamly good at making it thanks to the NFL’s share and share alike policy. Mr. Bidwill simply sits back and evaluates each season, perhaps 2 or 3 in advance, how his money is best spent or saved to make him the most possible revenues. It is NEVER about winning, never has been ….never will be. The players all know this, and once they get past one or two seasons and feel the lack of a winning spirit trickle down through owners, then management, then coaches they soon give up and look for a new place to hang their hats. My main thought watching the collapse last night was thinking that Matt had to be saying a silent prayer to his agent or his God…or both…please…please get me the hell outta this town. The hard part…we get great players…players we love to cheer for…players that never have a chance. I honestly believe that you could suit up any team in the NFL in Cardinal uniforms, put them throught one season in Arizona and that team would be as pathetic as what we witnessed last night. Losing …like winning is contageous. I will be a Cardinal player fan as long as they are here, I’ll never buy anything from the team, resale tickets only…and no hats shirts etc. Oh, and ifyou want to put together a “move the cardinals somewhere else” effort…I’ll put in the first $1,000 toward making it happen.

And you bears fans…what were you so excited about? you were supposed to win by 12.5, and most thought that was going easy on the cards. Truth is…they beat the hell outta the Bears…and poor coaching (read Denny Green sucks) led to thew collapse. Running plays with 14 seconds remaining on the clock with a 13 point lead and 6 minutes left…even a poor Pop Warner coach knows better than that. Punting to a receiver who has been eating up punt return yards all night…ever hear of punting out of bounds? No team discipline, again due to poor coaching…tons of idiot penalties that killed drives or took them out of field goal range. Dropped interseptions, illegal formations….=POOR coaching.

I feel the worst for the defense. One of the best played defensive games I have ever seen, and the offense didn’t do too bad either considering the offensive line was always a half step behind the Bears D line. Sitting that close you could see the bears line 3 feet into Card territory before out linemen left their stances. Too big…too slow and too undisciplined.

OK I have to get SOME work done today.


While I love (love!) the shirt, the Cards have a bye victory this week against my boys. Hopefully we can dump Porter and Moss before the deadline and give you guys a truly talentless team to play against.

Jeremy Zeiders:

I couldn’t agree with you more, Ron. You nailed every major topic that my football buddies and I have hashed through for the last decade.


Has anyone checked to see if their stadium was built over a Native American burial ground?


Where can I get the shirt?

i will have to preface this with watching this game was funnier than when i went to go see jackass 2 this past weekend… it is all one big extreme head disease. learning to win in a moribund franchise might be the toughest thing to do in sports. i witnessed that while watching the seattle mariners growing up. you can see it in the players’ posture, the way they took infield and batting practice. everything was done with a losing mentality because that was all that the players knew how to do. the season that changed was in 1995 when lou piniella infused some attitude where they were not going to lay down and get [edited] repeatedly anymore. denny green’s outbursts and rage and matt leinart’s leadership (coming from a program where all you can do is win) will be the leading factors if this team will ever dig itself out of its hole. this is a good team with good skill players. if management ever figures out that an offensive line is a good thing to have… then as a seahawks fan, i will become a little bit worried about playing you guys. in the meantime, I LOVE ROOTING FOR A GOOD TEAM IN THE NFC WEST.

Brent Heisler:

I’m sick and tired of people like this “Ron” who are unable to give credit to the Chicago Bears. They’d rather blame their own team than realize that the best team in the NFL actually beat their “unloveable losers.”

The last time I checked, NFL games ran 60 minutes, not 54. And the team that got the hell beat out of them lost (save a number of poor officiating calls here or there).

Is it possible the the Bears were just toying with the Cardinals – waiting for the right moment to crush a cities hopes and dreams? Probably. Blame Denny Green all you want, but if I were you, I’d blame the Bears.

Brent, you can’t be serious?!?
There is a reason why people called that game one of the greatest “collapses” and not “comebacks”.
The Cardinals had that game in hand and blew it. Just like they did against the Chiefs.
The Bears were just “toying”? So Rex was just “pretending” to be a horrible quarterback? The Bears offense looked extremely vulnerable and Rex showed those poor decision making skills that made all you Bears fans dump on him 8 weeks ago.
Just because you are off to a great start doesn’t mean we should all “crown” you guys. This isn’t 1985, so I would hold off on making a new version of the “Shuffle”…

[…] See my prediction from last week. 6 straight. […]

Jeremy Zeiders:

“the Cards have a bye victory this week against my boys”

Jesse, I hope you saw the score last night.

[…] 7 straight. See my prediction from Week 6. […]


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